Tenjin Launches an All New Agency Feature

Not all developers conduct all of their app marketing internally. Many rely on third-party agencies to help grow their apps. And when they do, it can often be difficult to share data and insights about their app marketing campaigns across these multiple teams.

To help solve that problem, Tenjin is pleased to announce our new Agency Feature, a shared interface between 3rd-party agencies and app developers. Now, developers are able to quickly and easily track all of the campaigns they are running internally directly alongside those that are being operated by their agency partners.

Developers have full control over all the data, and can give the agencies as much or as little access as they want. Other functionalities of Tenjin’s Agency Feature include:

  • Agency and advertiser have separated dashboard access

  • Advertiser can run their own campaigns, while agency runs their own campaigns

  • Advertiser can use multiple agencies at the same time

  • In the advertiser’s dashboard, agency’s campaign data is shown under custom channel (with agency’s name), without campaign breakdown

  • Advertiser can have an access to agency dashboard, with read-only access

For questions about getting started, contact us at info@tenjin.io.

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