Ad Revenue Callbacks Now Available For 3rd Party Services

Here at Tenjin, we know how important advertising revenue is to any developer’s app business. Because ad revenue enables developers to monetize a greater proportion of their user base than in-app purchases, it has become increasingly important to figure out ways to (A) acquire more users who monetize effectively through advertisements, and (B) maximize the revenue potential of players who monetize primarily through advertising.

Unfortunately, most attribution platforms cannot provide user-level reporting on advertising revenue. Developers, therefore, have not been able to track which advertising sources bring in users that monetize effectively through in-app ads, nor can they send data on which specific users monetize through advertising to 3rd parties.

But now, they can. Today, Tenjin released a new feature called Ad Revenue Callbacks, which not only attributes ad revenue back to the source of the install but also provides user-level ad revenue data to 3rd party systems via callbacks.

With Ad Revenue Callbacks, developers can send user level ad revenue to any 3rd party -- such as ad network’s programmatic buying platform -- and grant them instant access to this important data. This allows advertising partners to optimize budgets and campaigns more effectively, for example, while CRM partners can use the data to re-market to certain users by sending in-app messages or targeted push notifications promoting currency sales or other types of ad campaigns.

For app developers that have their own infrastructure, this new feature gives instant access to user-level ad revenue data so that they can enable more functionality and run custom analysis in-house in real-time.

No other platform offers this capability, making our new Ad Revenue Callbacks feature the first of its kind to get such granular ad revenue data to 3rd parties so quickly. It is particularly important for all developers who rely on advertising as a significant source of app revenue -- which represents a growing percentage of the developer community.

Tenjin is pushing the boundaries of innovation in app marketing by giving app developers access to the data they need to truly impact their business. This is especially true of data related to in-app advertising revenue. Along with the Country-Level Ad Revenue Reports we released earlier this month, our new reports give developers ad revenue data that they can’t get anywhere else.

As the pendulum swings from IAP revenue to a greater proportion of advertising revenue, we are one of the only attribution and mobile marketing infrastructure companies taking great strides to help app developers access and activate user-level data regarding all-important ad revenue.

To set up Ad Revenue Callbacks, please email us!

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